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Sex. Magic. Sanitizer: A love story for the new age.


 THE LOVERS is a seven episode web series about a quirky matrix of spiritual and sexual workers finding their own routes to meaning as they determine what they are willing to risk in this strange new pandemic world. Each of the seven 20 minute episodes foregrounds a different character’s POV. The series asks, how can engaged, erotic living be a path to liberation? How is the mundane maintenance of life (clipping nails, washing dishes, making the bed) inherently anti-capitalist? How are these acts holy? How can kink, BDSM, and queer desire radicalize and reclaim our bodies from state/religious traumas that have shaped them? This project is an irreverent prayer. We aim to create thought-provoking cinema that envelops audiences in aesthetic pleasure and promotes radical change.

We are a team of filmmakers and artists committed to redefining the production process for the safety and pleasure of all collaborators. Our project utilizes multiple directors and cinematographers to weave together a story of connectivity over distance. We share equipment and responsibilities, and work with care and flexibility around risk profiles and day-job schedules.


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