Running time: 03:10

Music video for She Her Sir filmed at The AllWays Lounge & Cabaret in New Orleans, Louisiana

Featuring: Sir as Present Day Sir, Princess Shaw as Herself

Enchentress as Burlesque Dancer, Laveau Contraire as Herself

Baby Strange as Aerialist, Lydia Treats as Sword Swallower

Rachel Michel as Young Sir, Sierra Carvalho as Young Lover

Courtesy of Metaversal Records.

Copyright She Her Sir, 2023.

In The Club Out
Running time: 05:31

Modeled after Leonora Carrington paintings, In The Club Out features a host of amalgamated beasts who overflow the confines of human labels and expectations, as they parade, strut and transform their bodies in a lush super 16 dreamscape. Music by Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx. Concept, design and direction by Daviel Shy.

Performers: Maude Vôs, Marie Nyx, Nano Arenado, Kyler O’Neal, Tajzon, Page Person, Kayla Tange.

Super 16mm film transferred to video, 2023.


Run Time: 03:55

A honeymoon in the desert turns sour when two lovers' acid-dipped raspberries bring them on a trip from which there is no return.

Written, filmed, and performed by Daviel Shy and Valerie Whitehawk in two days with one roll of film. Sound score by Luka Fisher. Produced by Sarah Fonseca.

Super 8, color, 2022.

The Lovers
Sex. Magic. Sanitizer. A love story for the New Age.

An inter-related network of sexual and spiritual workers find their ways through rapidly changing unknowns.

With this project, we re-imagine ways of working in and through the pandemic that foreground collaboration and equality, and use the nature of this disease’s communicability as creative constraints for storytelling and production.
Seven episodes each approx. 20 minutes. In Post-Production.
The Ladies Almanack

Running time: 86 minutes

Wordplay, candles, crossed continents, uncrossed legs... The Ladies Almanack is based on the fictions and facts of some of the feistiest lesbians of the 1920's.

Djuna Barnes' odd self-published who's-who of sapphic literary Paris comes to life in a manner as eccentric as its subjects.

Streaming on

Super 8 film & collages transferred to video, 2017.

The Tyrant
Running time: 21:20
Inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte transposed onto a present-day lesbian film director. Her conquests are not battles won but women won over. Her banner is not “France” but cinema.
Each scene, edited in-camera, is a self-contained three minute short film of its own, the duration of a single roll of film.
Super 8 and 16mm film transferred to video.
Das Buffet ist Eröffnet

Run Time: 06:31

Everyone fears a woman with an appetite...

Lesbian cannibals from different eras share a meal after a string of kills.

Super 8, Vienna, 2012.