Politics of the Living Room
The Ladies Almanack
The Tyrant, 2013.
Das Buffet ist Eröffnet
With Cixous
Birkat Ha Mazon
Exercises in Buoyancy
Ultradian Rhythms
Five Modes
The Complex
Uf Gozal
Sally Ride and I
Five Modes
When I Go Deaf
I'm Stickin' with You
What a Drag
Dear Man Ray
Why It's 1970
Politics of the Living Room

16mm, 2013. In The Politics of the Living Room, I recreate the salon of self-proclaimed pagan, lesbian, and anti-monogamist Natalie Clifford Barney in my present-day living room. The elliptical tracking shot depicts an ever changing tableau vivant of Chicago artists inhabiting their Belle Époque counterparts. Our context houses their gathering where the temporalities bleed and chafe.

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