A filmmaker with an eclectic background in DIY publishing,

fine arts, and performance, Daviel is driven by

an insatiable curiosity in her artistic pursuits.

She commits deeply to the subjects that interest her--

whether that means learning French to better

understand the characters in her film THE LADIES ALMANACK,

or relocating to live where the subject of a future project, Jeanne Cordova,

activist and Lesbian Tide publisher, lived.

Her curiosity led her to walk on fire in 2012.

The event was documented and published

in Performance Research, Vol.18 no. 1.

Combining Arapaho medicine man Stanford Addison's

method of horse-breaking and Geoff Mains'

lyrical explanations of neurological responses to pain,

Shy's self -training for the fire walk

gave birth to an interest in poetic bondage.

In SPIT, 2012,

the artist was wrapped in felt and a horse blanket, and bound to a rotisserie pole before being carried through the gallery and roasted over hot coals in the alley

on a spit she had built by hand.

Daviel currently resides in Los Angeles

where she runs a monthly screening series called

L.M.N.O.P: Lesbian Movie Night Ongoing Project.










Shy's experiential research continues to inform her work.

Her films, writings, and community organizing are bent on constructing temporary utopias through culture.

A Fanzine for Utopia, published by YES FEMMES, offers a glimpse into what this practice can look like.